Battery Care

 See the below table

(1) Choose the correct size of battery according to the requirements of electrical appliances.

(2) Choose the correct type of battery according to the power consumption demand of the electric appliances.

(3) Pay attention to the battery shelf life and the appearance of the battery.

(1)Ensure the good and clean contacts between the electrical appliances and the battery.

(2)Ensure the correct connections of positive(+) and negative(-) poles.

(3) Do not mix the old and new batteries. Do not mix the different types of batteries.

(4) Do not heat or discharge the dry battery. Do not dispose of the battery in fire.

(5) Avoid the short-circuit of the battery.

(6) Take out the battery when you don’t use the electrical appliances for long time.

(1) Store the battery in a clean, cool and ventilated area.

(2) Temperature should be between 10~30 ℃.(do not exceeding 40 )  Humidity should be less than 65%.

(3) Do not store the battery over the warranty time.

(4) Do not connect the positive and negative poles to avoid short circuit.

Battery may contain hazardous materials. Throw away the battery to the harmful waste bin.

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