Shanghai White Elephant Swan Battery Co., Ltd. Successfully Passed the 2024 Shanghai Good Trademark Renewal Evaluation

The Shanghai Trademark and Brand Association has announced the list of “Shanghai Good Trademarks” for 2023, and the “White Elephant Brand” trademark of Shanghai White Elephant Swan Battery Co., Ltd. has been recognized as the “Shanghai Good Trademark”.

The selection and recognition of “Shanghai Good Trademark” is a reflection of better building Shanghai’s “Four Major Brands”, further promoting Shanghai’s trademark brand culture, exerting trademark brand effects, helping Shanghai’s trademark brands to root in Shanghai, face the whole country, go global, and promote high-quality economic development.

The renewal evaluation of the “White Elephant Brand” trademark for the 2023 Shanghai Good Trademark is a high recognition of the brand value and profound heritage of Shanghai White Elephant Swan Battery Co., Ltd. It also demonstrates the value and influence of the White Elephant battery brand. The “White Elephant” battery is shining brightly in the history of China’s battery industry.In the new century, new opportunities, and new challenges, the new generation of “White Elephant” people will continue to take “efficient products, reliable quality, and the best service” as their responsibility, practice the purpose of “meeting market demand is the eternal theme of the enterprise”, promote the internationalization, differentiation, and youthfulness development of the “White Elephant” brand, and let “White Elephant” batteries shine with new momentum once again!

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