SWSBC attends The 135th China Import and Export Fair

On April 15th, the 135th China Import and Export Fair opened grandly in Guangzhou. At this year’s Canton Fair, “new” is the key word. New vitality surges forth. The first phase of the Canton Fair focuses on “advanced manufacturing”, highlighting advanced industries and technological support, and comprehensively showcasing new quality productivity. Brand exhibitions, as industry development indicators, gather the latest industry information and technology, and are a key lever to help cultivate high-quality productivity. Revolutionary technological breakthroughs, innovative allocation of production factors, and deep industrial transformation and upgrading.

Shanghai White Elephant Swan Battery Co., Ltd., as a time-honored enterprise, is also innovating and upgrading its products with the pace of the times. In recent years, the “white elephant battery” has evolved from a single product, disposable dry battery, to various electronic devices such as energy storage batteries, solar panels, solar small systems, solar portable lights, 18650, and so on. Seize the global market with technology, high efficiency, and high-quality products.

On the day of the launch, nearly a hundred domestic and foreign buyers showed strong interest in energy storage batteries and solar panels, inquired about prices, and expressed their willingness to further communicate and cooperate.
The innovative products showcased at this exhibition are the focus of the event. 1000W fast charging energy storage battery: It has the advantages of high capacity, high power, built-in lithium battery, long standby time, high conversion efficiency, and convenient portability. At the same time, there is its unique innovation: bidirectional inverter technology eliminates adapter redundancy; MPPT tracking can be performed during the solar energy input process to maximize the utilization of photovoltaic energy. Suitable for indoor and outdoor scenes such as urban camping, live photography, short distance self driving, and home emergency.

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